Tell the Story of Your Life with Timeline

by Nicholas Scalice on January 11, 2012

Tell the Story of Your Life with Timeline

Facebook Timeline is the newest makeover the social networking site has undergone. The new profile layout provides a bundle of new options for displaying a member’s favorite pictures, highlights, and privacy settings. Although Facebook users have moaned over multiple changes to things like the Newsfeed and profiles, this is actually an improvement that Facebook members will like.

The premise of Timeline revolves around featuring an individual. Every aspect of the new profile is intended to allow a person to individualize their page by highlighting their favorite things, featuring their best pics, and displaying the most relevant social apps. Timeline allows all visitors who visit your profile to get an immediate impression of the person you are within seconds.

Here’s a short video Facebook released explaining the Timeline concept:

At the very top of Timeline you are provided with a wide space in which you are invited to paste a picture that best describes you. The largest area on your new profile, this is the biggest impression people get at first glance. From there, Timeline includes all the basics – a (smaller) profile pic so others can get a good look at you and basic info so they can get to know you. You will still have a place for your “likes,” “pics,” and “friends” but now you can take these features farther.

Create and display your own story by featuring your favorite posts, pictures, and events front and center. Now a section called “places” lets you chronicle where you’ve been and where you are so friends can keep up with your adventures. Your favorite and most used apps are set on full display as well. Tell friends how far you biked this morning or let them in on which movies you watched over the weekend.

All the while, Timeline will treat your profile skimmers to your favorite tunes. The new music feature allows you to feature your music so that friends can listen while they catch up on your latest happenings. All in all, the new Timeline is a better and more comprehensive way to express yourself, your personality, and share your activities and hobbies with all your friends.

The new Facebook Timeline also comes with a whole new set of privacy options so you control who sees your Facebook activity. Like everything new, Timeline will take a little getting used to, which is why you have seven days from the time you choose to switch over to when it debuts for everyone to see.

This gives you plenty of time to fiddle with, tweak, and get your new profile just right. Facebook Timeline even gives you a head start by automatically posting your top stories and photos. From there you can highlight, remove, or add anything you want to make it yours.

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Peyton Smythe January 12, 2012 at 12:32 am

I really like the cover photo part, and the timelines with highlights from past years. Not sure why it looks so much like old MySpace.


Nicholas Scalice January 12, 2012 at 4:00 pm

I’ve been hearing the “Timeline looks like MySpace” comment from a lot of folks. Personally, I don’t see any resemblance to MySpace, which was hideous.


Moo Moo January 13, 2012 at 2:36 pm

Times, friends, and situations change. Why get “pigeonholed” at a first glance?
I like to fly under the radar 🙂


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