The Overlinkification of Twitter

by Nicholas Scalice on January 13, 2012

The Overlinkification of Twitter

Is it just me, or has Twitter become oversaturated with links? What happened to the good old days where the substance of your message was what you said, rather than what you pointed at?

I call this the “Overlinkification of Twitter.” Yes, I know that’s not a real word, but it gets the point across. Too many links. Too little substance.

Well, maybe it’s just the fact that most of the folks I follow are in the social media marketing field. We all know how our industry loves to link to this or that, especially if it will benefit us commercially.

But wait, that’s not what Twitter is about. We’re not following these folks so that we can be pulled in twenty different directions as we repeatedly click on link after link like mindless zombies.

If anyone should know better, it should be the marketing folks. Twitter is about communication and engagement. It’s not a link farm so don’t treat it that way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, links definately have a place on Twitter, but they shouldn’t make up the majority of your content.

Of course I post links on Twitter, but that’s not all I do. I also try my best to offer value statements, words of wisdom, quotes and general tips and tricks to my followers. I also ask a lot of questions, which is probably the single best thing you could do to spark engagement.

So you see, I’m not against links because I know that there is a lot of stuff we want to share that can’t fit into 140 characters. Who I am against are the folks that excessively link to their own content, without ever switching it up. In my opinion, that’s a surefire way to get unfollowed.

As our social sphere becomes more and more crowded each day, (espcially now with the addition of a major new social platform, Google+), we need to reduce the noise by focusing on the message rather than the destination.

So don’t get discouraged after reading this if you’ve been posting lots of links. Again, I’m not against sharing content through links on Twitter. I’m just suggesting that balancing your message with more content-rich tweets will probably resonate with your followers in a meaningful way.

After all, you want to stand out from the noise, don’t you?

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Nicholas Scalice

Founder at FastBlink
A native of Boca Raton, Florida, Nicholas founded FastBlink in 2009. He has a diverse background in direct sales, affiliate marketing, domain name investing and content marketing.

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Moo Moo January 13, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Are you sure that the “Links” aren’t chaining you down, when you could be enjoying the “real world” of lets say, the great outdoors ? I could see TWITTERING all day if one was in a prison camp, but hey we’re free the last time I checked.


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