Don’t Be Perfect

by Nicholas Scalice on February 14, 2012

Don't Be Perfect

Have you been looking for the “perfect” social media plan? Or, do you think you’ve already found it? Well, that might actually hurt your social media marketing campaign more than it actually helps.

Think of it like this: If social media is meant to be a communications and engagement tool, then we should treat it as such. If you agree with the previous statement, then you probably agree that social interactions are not always perfect. People make mistakes. Humans say silly things. Jokes that aren’t funny are sometimes said. Off-topic discussions sometimes become more popular than anything else you said that day.

The bottom line is that if you understand the importance of finding your voice, being authentic, sharing and listening to your audience, then it just makes sense to show your imperfect side as well.

Don’t be a marketer. Marketers sometimes get stuck in the mindset that there is a best practice for everything. Instead, just use your intuition and just a little bit of science to determine what your audience wants to hear. If you make a few mistakes along the way, learn from it and move along.

So, how do you implement this concept of imperfection through your social media campaigns? Well, just be a little off-topic at times. Show your human side. Make jokes, talk about subjects that are completely unrelated to your industry. In other words, just be yourself sometimes and step outside of your brand. Obviously, use discretion and common sense. That should go without saying.

Here’s an interesting summary of what I’m reinforcing here, written by the folks at Thought Particles:

Embrace the flaws. Show your audience who you are behind that curtain. Share funny stores. Or even embarrassing ones. Use this venue to be transparent, give them glimpses behind-the-scenes, or even just tell a joke, should the mood strike. This lets your audience know you are real. They want to be friends, first. Patrons, church members, followers, and customers, second.

The point is that if all you’re doing is staying on-topic 24/7, your audience is probably getting bored. They want to see more, so deliver more. One surefire way to do this is to be more than a brand; be a buddy too.

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