Become a Celebrity in Your Niche

by Nicholas Scalice on February 22, 2012

Become a Celebrity in Your Niche

Let’s face it; chances are you probably want to get more exposure online. Maybe you’re already churning out content on a regular basis, but you’re looking for something else to boost your marketing campaign.

Well, why not become a celebrity in your niche? This means going above and beyond great content; it means following through with your existing fans as you try to attract new fans (Click to Tweet). It means putting your personal stamp on everything you do as part of your marketing campaign. Most importantly, it means showing your personality.

Content on its own might be great for SEO purposes, but these days everyone is trying to pump out as much decent content as possible. If you read a good chunk of it, you’ll see that most is rather dry and straight to the point. Where’s the fun stuff? Where’s the spark? What will make it stand out and be memorable a year from now?

Those are the questions you need to ask yourself as you update you blog and your social networks. Stand out, even if that means going off-topic for a little while. Show that you’re a person first and an expert second (Click to Tweet). In that sense, becoming a celebrity in your niche can best be accomplished by not talking about your niche all the time.

This is where engagement and authenticity come into play.  Yes, I know those are two very popular buzzwords among social media marketers, but they are buzzwords for a reason. Live by those words.

By now, you’re probably convinced that you need to become a celebrity in your niche, but you still might be a little unsure of how to put this into action. So, to sum it up, here’s a list of what you can begin doing today (click on any item to tweet it):

Basically, you should be connecting with your fans on more levels than just expertise and industry knowledge. Give them a reason to come back to your blog and to follow you through your social channels. Make your fans your main priority and they’ll often thank you for it, again and again.

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Nicholas Scalice

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A native of Boca Raton, Florida, Nicholas founded FastBlink in 2009. He has a diverse background in direct sales, affiliate marketing, domain name investing and content marketing.

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Garrett February 22, 2012 at 2:39 pm

the only thing i would like to add, if you don’t mind, is manufacturing a celebrity status involves tons if identity branding. defining the content and the user’s online and offline persona. i guess this is more positive general feedback. this is great stuff, though!


Nicholas Scalice February 22, 2012 at 3:09 pm

That’s a great point Garrett and it would make for an interesting blog article all on its own. Thanks for reading!


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