Authenticity is Unpolished

by Nicholas Scalice on April 27, 2012

Authenticity is Unpolished

What does it mean to be authentic? If we look it up in the dictionary, we’ll find definitions such as these:

  • “True to one’s own personality, spirit, or character”
  • “Conforming to reality and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief”
  • “Not false or copied”

This may be simple enough to understand from a theoretical standpoint, but how do we actually translate theory into practice when it comes to creating an authentic social media campaign?

The answers might surprise you. Be yourself. Embrace mistakes. Don’t go for the best production value. Start with what you have. Be consistent with your message. Showcase your passion. Begin now.

In other words, authenticity is unpolished. Let me give you a quick example of what this all means.

Let’s say you’ve been wanting to add video to your social media content strategy. However, you’ve been saying this for months now and you’re waiting until the time is just right to start. Maybe you don’t have the best camera. Maybe you want to wait until you can come up with better ideas for the video content. Maybe you don’t have an ideal location to shoot in. Whatever the case may be, you’re waiting for something.

This scenario happens all the time, especially with social media marketing campaigns. People want to wait until they feel like they’ve mastered everything or they need to wait until they have the latest and greatest technology and equipment.

Guess what? If that’s your approach, you’ll probably be stuck in a holding pattern forever.

Instead, just start now. Sure, you’ll make mistakes. That’s fine and it’ll actually make your content more authentic than if it were perfectly produced. Think back to some of the most successful social media phenomenons of recent years and of all the viral videos you can think of. I bet the majority of them lacked production quality, but they certainly made up for it with authenticity.

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