There is No Easy Way

by Nicholas Scalice on May 14, 2012

There is No Easy Way

If you’ve ever tried to learn social media marketing best practices, you’ve no doubt come across folks who claim to have found the “easy way” to social media success. Well, be aware that there is no easy way when it comes to marketing of any sort. There is only the right way and the wrong way.

Now it might not be as black and white as that, but let me warn you that it is easy to get caught up in all of the marketing hype. You know the hype when you see it. We’re talking about headlines claiming to deliver “500 real Facebook likes every week” or “1000 real Twitter followers per day.”

While you might get the likes and followers if you go that route, you’ll almost always get the garbage that comes along with them. So why then do so many folks fall for these tricks? Well, that has to do with human nature. We want to be able to measure our effort and social media is still not all that measurable.

Also, many of us are still looking at social media as something that can be measured more by quantity than by quality. We say to ourselves, “It is the number of followers and the number of likes we have that matters most.”

In actuality however, the quality of our social media campaign matters far more than these measures of volume. Would you rather have a community of 100 loyal brand ambassadors who constantly speak great things about your offerings, or would you rather have 10,000 fake accounts following you without any human interest in who you are or what you do? Surely I’d take the brand ambassadors any day.

Furthermore, social media is becoming more and more of a measure of our authenticity with each passing day, as we share more of our lives online. In that sense, people are wising up and learning to spot what is real and what is fake. Don’t let your audience label you or your campaign as something fake and robotic. Let your authenticity speak louder than anything else.

So then, how do we accomplish this? How do we make sure our social media campaigns are authentic and true? It isn’t easy, but then again, you should have already known that from the title of this article. Yes, it’s true that there is no easy way.

Your challenge is in producing the best content, on a consistent basis. I’ve said that many times before, but it is the number one thing you could do to  take a mediocre social media campaign and turn it into something in which real people want to rally behind.

But so many folks don’t want to create great content or they argue that they don’t have the time. This is when they break down and start buying likes and followers or start to only share existing content that is not original. Or, worst of all, this is when people turn into the sales machine and use social media as an advertisement bullhorn, spouting an endless stream of sales pitches off of every platform they can find.

Don’t be like them. Don’t take the perceived easy way out, because if you do, you’ll soon learn that it is actually hurting your brand more than it is helping. Instead, begin slowly and deliberately to create great content.

Use text, images, video and audio and share things of value with your audience. They will in turn share it with people they care about and on and on it will go. But it all starts with an authentic message.

Believe me, it’s not easy writing multiple blog articles per week, or making a habit of posting interesting new tweets every single day, but these are the behaviors that separate the mediocre marketers from the great marketers.

Don’t settle for mediocrity just because it is easy. Don’t fall for the latest false promises from the social media “gurus.” Do what you know you should be doing and the rest will all fall into place. Create. Great. Content.

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