What’s Your CUE Statement?

by Nicholas Scalice on May 22, 2012

What's Your CUE Statement?

We’ve all heard of elevator pitches. The phrase itself comes from the idea that you might find yourself sharing an elevator with one of the top decision makers who you’ve been trying to get in contact with. Since you’ll only have a few minutes to make your pitch, you need to say something that will really get his or her attention. Hence, the creation of a well-prepared and well-executed elevator pitch is an essential part of any entrepreneur’s bag of tricks.

Taking this concept one step further, you also need to have an elevator pitch of sorts for your social media marketing efforts. You know that little biography area on your Twitter profile and the “about” section on your Facebook page? Well, it is actually pretty important what you write on there. As Derek Oxley puts it, “Regardless of your profession, your job is to to tap your mine of resources for golden nuggets that grab and hold your listeners attention.”

As Malcolm Gladwell eluded to in his bestselling book Blink, we’re conditioned to make snap decisions within a matter of seconds when exposed to something new. Our social profiles are no different. People will judge your brand and what you offer by seemingly little things like the design of your logo and the layout of your website. They will also make a decision about whether or not to engage with you based on what they read in those first few seconds.

That’s where the idea of CUE comes in. It is a simple acronym I devised to help you craft the perfect mini-elevator pitch. It goes like this: You need to create a description of who you are and what you’re offering in just a couple of sentences and it needs to be Catchy, Unique and Engaging. In other words, you need to have a CUE statement.

Let’s look at each section in a little more detail:

Catchy – Why should I remember you or your brand? What makes it stand out? We’re inundated with so many people, places and things each fighting for our attention, some of it is bound to be lost in the mix. What will prevent yours from being among them? Being catchy can mean being funny to an extent or just making your brand seem more human. Whatever you do, it needs to be something that sticks in the mind of your reader.

Unique – In addition to being catchy, your bio should be unique. Here you’re trying to answer the question of “How are we different?” You can have the most playful brand in the world, but if all you’re offering is the same product or service as everyone else, you won’t win that much business on your playfulness alone. Your unique offering is what truly sets you apart from your competitors.

Engaging – Here’s the kicker. You could have a catchy intro with a unique offering built into it, but if all I do is read it, you haven’t taken me into the next step of the buying process. You need to give me a reason to engage with your brand right now. In other words, why should I take action immediately? Taking action can come in many forms. It can be a simple as clicking the “like” button, or following you on Twitter. It can mean subscribing to your newsletter, downloading your white paper, sending an email, picking up the phone or (gasp) making a purchase. Nudge your audience into taking action in some way and if everything else checks out, many folks will probably do it.

When these three aspects are combined into a couple sentences (and no more than three), you’ll have a surefire way to stand out from the crowd. It’s going to take some trial and error to come up with the perfect wording, but the effort will be worth it.

Also, remember that your statement is something that needs to evolve over time. It’s not static. Just as your brand matures over the years, you’ll find yourself needing to change certain words within your CUE statement in order to fit the times. That’s just part of the process.

So give it a try and if you’d like to share your own CUE statement in the comments section below, we’ll be sure to give you some feedback. Best of luck!

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