Improve Your Content with a Call to Action

by Nicholas Scalice on June 26, 2013

Improve Your Content with a Call to Action

Have you ever seen a YouTube video where the person poses a question and asks you to reply with your answer in the comments section below?

This is more than just an instance of curiosity in many cases. It is a deliberate attempt to increase social engagement and potentially boost the virality of the content. And there is nothing wrong with this tactic, when used appropriately.

This is one way of asking for engagement that doesn’t seem pushy or intrusive and you should be taking a similar approach with your published content as well, be it a video, blog post or social media update.

Asking for engagement is a great way to remind your audience that social media is about (you guessed it) being social. It is a two-way dialogue and you want their feedback. Sometimes folks just need a little encouragement before they click that subscribe button or retweet that post.

The bottom line is that you want your audience to take action in some way with each and every piece of content you produce. Asking them to take such action isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t overdo it or make it seem sales.

If you use this technique, what you’re actually doing is creating a “call to action” within each piece of content. For instance, at the bottom of every one of my blog posts, I have an email subscription box that begins by stating, “If you enjoyed this article, get free email updates…” and then explains what they’ll receive by subscribing.

That is just one way to use a call to action, and there are limitless other methods as well. Be creative in your approach and try different implementations across all of your social channels.

Has this approach worked for you? Post some of the best ways you’ve asked for engagement on your blog or social media channels below!

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