Coworking, Offices of the Future

by Chris Naff on September 28, 2013

Coworking, Offices of the Future

For many start-ups and small businesses, renting office space just isn’t in the equation. Their resources are better allocated in research or product development. But where can they operate their business? Some choose a home office while others find coffee shops to be productive. But what if there was a better way than dealing with the distractions of home chores or the constant customer traffic of these options?

Enter stage right, a fairly new concept that is catching on: coworking. Very popular in Texas and New York, coworking is an idea that allows entrepreneurs to work along side of each other in a shared office space. Different from a traditional office, the space typically has an open floor plan so that while getting work done you can also network with other like-minded business owners. Rather than simply renting office space or a desk, you join a community.

Many coworking spaces sprung up amidst the latest recession when small businesses no longer had the money to afford large offices to themselves. As an alternative, coworking allows a business to have a place to call home without breaking the budget. Though each place is different, many of these offices have conference rooms available for privacy with clients, and some even include mailing services so your company can have an official address.

It will be interesting to see if the idea spreads across the country. This type of environment is popular with tech start-ups, web companies, and real estate agents. Will coworking work for you? If you are looking for a place to collaborate with other entrepreneurs while having an office that is conducive for clients, it might be a good fit.

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