Is Your Social Media Strategy OPEN for Business?

by Nicholas Scalice on October 18, 2013

Is Your Social Media Strategy OPEN for Business?

There are many ways to plan a social media marketing strategy. One way that works for us, is to break up the main actions into four succinct parts: OptimizePublishEngage, and Nurture.

If you want a handy mnemonic to remember this, think of “OPEN.” Now it’s time to make sure you’re social media strategy is OPEN for business.

Let me briefly cover what each action entails and how it can help you develop a comprehensive social media strategy.

1. Optimize

You have to start with the basics. Set goals and figure out how to measure them. Create a consistent personal brand. Establish your website as a central hub. Optimize your website architecture and usability. Claim your social media profiles.

This is where you lay the groundwork for the next three actions outlined below. You’re setting the stage for success. Without having your social media channels optimized correctly, not only will you be sending the wrong message to your audience, but you’ll be missing valuable opportunities to connect.

2. Publish

This is where you start pushing out quality content on a regular basis. You need to create content in a variety of forms, from blog posts to videos, to images, and everything in between. Content marketing is going to be a huge trend in the months ahead, so get started now.

Other ideas for content include eBooks, guides, reports, slide decks, infographics, and guest posts. Publishing means a lot more than just blogging. It is about getting your story out there on various channels in several different formats. As the old saying goes, content is (still) king.

3. Engage

It is one thing to publish your own content and push it out among your social platforms. It is another thing entirely to truly engage with your audience on their level. In order to have an effective social media strategy, you must do both.

Engagement is not about you. It is about everyone else. This is where your ability to listen becomes paramount. It is also where many brands make mistakes with their social strategy. Don’t push, push, push all the time. Listen to your audience and respond with something appropriate. Build relationship networks, not broadcast platforms.

4. Nurture

Lastly, this is where your bring your social media marketing strategy full circle. You need to be consistent in caring for the growth and development of all of the actions above. In other words, you need to nurture your social media strategy. Be consistent in your optimization and engagement strategy. Test and retest your keywords. Make sure you have a schedule where you’re turning out content on a regular basis.

Also, make sure you’re routinely engaging with your audience, by reaching out on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. It might sound like common sense, but consistency is vital to the success of a campaign. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Well, that covers one way to view a social media marketing strategy. Obviously, we’ve taken a high-level approach to the subject and there are many specific details that have not been mentioned. But, at the end of the day, this is a framework that simply works for us. Hopefully it’ll work for you too.

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