6 Steps to an Awesome Social Media Mission Statement

by Nicholas Scalice on October 29, 2013

6 Steps to an Awesome Social Media Mission Statement

Does it make sense to get in the car and start driving without knowing where you’re headed? No. Then why do we often find ourselves tweeting, posting, and sharing content via social media without having a clear idea of where we are going?

It just doesn’t make sense, yet it happens all the time.

Social media is fun and easy to jump into. Therefore, many folks jump right in without setting up specific measurable goals for how they’re going to use these social platforms.

As with many things in life, without having goals and measurements in place, there’s no way of knowing what is working and what needs to be fixed. That’s a surefire way to waste time, money, and effort. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get burned out of social media marketing, since you don’t think it’s working.

The truth is, with one simple piece of advice, you can get started in the right direction with a clear indication of whether or not you’re seeing a return on your investment.

Wanna know what the advice is? It’s simply creating a social media mission statement.

What the heck is a social media mission statement?

Well, think of it as a roadmap to your social media marketing success. It is a basic explanation of what you want to get out of your social media campaign and how you plan on measuring it.

Your social media mission statement should answer these five questions:

1. Who will take responsibility for the success of your campaign?

Even though social media is a responsibility for everyone in your organization, every team needs a leader. Identify a point of contact for your social efforts, both to increase their commitment and to allow other team members to have someone to direct their questions towards.

2. What specific results do you want to see from your campaign?

This is the most important part of a social media mission statement. You must have clearly defined goals. Maybe your main goal is to increase traffic to your website. Maybe it is to increase brand awareness within your community. Maybe it is to sell more products. Whatever your goals are, make sure they are written down and measurable.

3. Where will you focus your efforts?

Social media is a vast ocean. You can’t be everywhere. Focus on a few platforms and give it your best shot. Choosing where to focus your efforts is not easy, but often times it is just a matter of understanding the demographics of each platform. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website selling handbags, you’re going to want to be really strong on Pinterest. According to Pew Research Center, women are five times as likely as men to use Pinterest. Since you can’t be everywhere, be where you can get the most bang for your buck.

4. When will you regularly evaluate your campaign?

Social media marketing is an ongoing activity. It is also a balance between art and science. Nothing is a surefire win with social media, so often you’ll just have to try things and see what works. Furthermore, what works great for one brand might fall flat for another. That is why it is important to continually reevaluate your social media strategy, so that you can tweak things along the way. Pick a recurring date to do this and mark it on your calendar.

5. Why are you using social media in the first place?

Are you just “on social media” because that’s what everyone else is doing? That plan doesn’t work anymore. Don’t just do social media to do social media. Position your brand in a way that is different from everyone else. Be the best at something, even if that “something” is really specific. For instance, be the best at responding to each and every fan who reaches out to you. Or be the best at delivering valuable content that is truly helpful to your audience. Or be the best at running fun contests and giveaways. Pick a reason to excel with social media so that you don’t fall into the trap of just “doing it because we have to.”

6. How does social media fit into the overall mission of your organization?

Social media is not a world of its own. It is a vital part of business strategy at every level, from internal operations, recruiting, sales, marketing, PR, customer service, and more. Make sure every part of your organization is benefiting from social media. For instance, if you develop products, you can use social media to get feedback on your offerings. What do people like? What do they hate? This information can then be passed along to your product development team. This is just one example. Social media isn’t all about marketing. It’s about listening. And everyone can benefit from listening. Right?

So, that’s what I mean when I say that you should have a social media mission statement. The specific format of your mission statement can vary, based on whichever style works for you. I just strongly encourage you to answer all six of the questions above. If you do that, you’ll be well on your way to using social media in an advanced way, with specific, measurable, and obtainable goals in mind.

What do you think this strategy? Do you want to share your social media mission statement with us? Post your thoughts below or give us a shout on Twitter! Also, if you’d like us to take a look at your mission statement and give some feedback, feel free to get in contact with us. We’d be glad to help!

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Nicholas Scalice

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A native of Boca Raton, Florida, Nicholas founded FastBlink in 2009. He has a diverse background in direct sales, affiliate marketing, domain name investing and content marketing.

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