25 More Tweetable Social Media Marketing Tips

by Nicholas Scalice on December 24, 2013

25 More Tweetable Social Media Marketing Tips

A while back we created a list of 25 tweetable social media marketing tips. It happened to become one the most popular articles on our blog. So, without further ado, here are 25 more tweetable social media marketing tips for you to read, share, and enjoy. Happy tweeting!

  1. Make sure you’re using Google Authorship on your blog [Click to Tweet]
  2. Start building an email list today [Click to Tweet]
  3. Try to create evergreen content that doesn’t expire [Click to Tweet]
  4. After writing a blog post, go comment on similar posts [Click to Tweet]
  5. Use a tool like Buffer to schedule posts over time [Click to Tweet]
  6. Turn a single idea into a blog post, image, video, etc. [Click to Tweet]
  7. Monitor your brand keywords with Google Alerts [Click to Tweet]
  8. Think like your audience [Click to Tweet]
  9. Decide how often you can be self-promotional [Click to Tweet]
  10. Become genuinely interested in other folks [Click to Tweet]
  11. Schedule time every day for social media engagement [Click to Tweet]
  12. Never jump in without spending some time just listening [Click to Tweet]
  13. Respond to every single person who reaches out to you [Click to Tweet]
  14. Convert your real-world connections into online connections [Click to Tweet]
  15. Seek out and connect with influencers in your niche [Click to Tweet]
  16. If you don’t like writing blog posts, try creating videos [Click to Tweet]
  17. If you don’t like creating videos, try writing blog posts [Click to Tweet]
  18. Never hog the spotlight [Click to Tweet]
  19. Pay more attention to your Klout score than your follower count [Click to Tweet]
  20. Never, ever buy likes or followers [Click to Tweet]
  21. Participate in groups, communities, tribes, etc. [Click to Tweet]
  22. Test the waters, see what works for you, and do more of it [Click to Tweet]
  23. Every now and then, do something random and unexpected [Click to Tweet]
  24. Always ask yourself, “How is this action adding value?” [Click to Tweet]
  25. Create content based around information, ego, or emotion [Click to Tweet]

Which of these tips did you find most helpful? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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