Why Your Content is More Important Than Your Budget

by Nicholas Scalice on December 31, 2013

Why Your Content is More Important Than Your Budget

Famed social media consultant Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say, “Marketers ruin everything.” What he means by this is that by the time marketers learn how to exploit something, the rest of us have moved on to another platform. It’s a continual game of cat and mouse.

Think back to email newsletters. We used to love receiving them. We would read every word. Nowadays, we unsubscribe without thinking twice if we feel just the slightest bit spammed. How dare you send me two emails in a week!

Marketers did this. We ruined email. We made it less personal. We made it automated. We transformed it from a communications tool to a sales tool. Sorry about that.

Social media is following the same path. It was never intended to be a sales tool first and foremost.

Facebook wasn’t built with business pages in mind. It was built for people, like you and I, to connect with our friends and family. Pages however, are a great way for brands to get their messages out there, nestled between the posts in our news feed from Aunt Sally and Joey from college.

Brands began to abuse this opportunity, spamming us in much the same way they have with email marketing. Facebook’s reaction to this was EdgeRank, the algorithm that determines what shows up in our personal news feeds, based on our interests and interactions.

Now, brands are paying a strong price for access to our news feeds. They either need to produce killer content, or they need to pay the piper. Either way, this requires an investment of time or money (or both).

It’s not so easy being a brand on Facebook anymore.

But don’t despair. This isn’t the end of the road. No, this is just the beginning. Brands have had it too easy for far too long. It was too easy to gain access to a wide audience. It never should have been that easy in the first place.

EdgeRank should have been acting as a gatekeeper since day one. There have to be safeguards in place to ensure only the highest quality content gets through to us. If not, we’d be sick and tired of Facebook by tomorrow, because we’d see so much irrelevant junk in our feeds.

So, what does all of this mean for you and your brand? It means you need to put in the effort to make your content really shine. You see, ever since EdgeRank popped up, content really is king on Facebook.

Now, let me drop the main point of this entire article, summed up nicely in one short sentence:

The quality of your content is even more important than your advertising budget, because without quality content, you can burn through your entire ad budget and still get nowhere.


Think about it for a second. Even if you pay Facebook to advertise on their platform, you’re only paying for access. You’re making a wager that Facebook users will notice your page and decide to give it a “like” or engage with a particular post.

What this means is that if you’re paying to advertise, yet your content isn’t up to par, people won’t take action. Thus, your investment will be wasted.

This is why it all comes down to having the best content out there. It’s a must. There’s no way around it.

We didn’t make these rules, but we’re certainly going to be playing along with them. What about you?

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