5 Reasons Social Media Keeps Us Young

by FastBlink on January 12, 2014

5 Reasons Social Media Keeps Us Young

As a kid, I could not wait to grow up. As an adult, I wish I was still a kid sometimes. Funny how that works, right? I am no psychologist, but I think that is called wanting what you do not have. Are you in that position? Well, I have some good news. In just a matter of days, you can take years off your age, all you have to do is join Twitter!

Okay kidding aside, I truly believe social media keeps us young. Social media has made it much easier to stay connected with really anyone we want, sometimes regardless of whether a particular person wants us too or not. It has changed the way the world communicates, how we do business, and made us rethink what advertising is all about. All of that is great, but to give you a better idea of what I mean, here are my five reasons I feel this way.

1. The Ability to Keep in Touch

Remember when everyone thought that “yeah, it is cool to have good friends in high school, but eventually you stop hanging out with them after you graduate because life gets in the way?” Think of your Facebook friends. No matter your age, I bet a good portion are the friends you had in high school. And I guarantee you have “friends” on Facebook that you went to high school with but was not a close buddy of yours, and you still accepted their friend request after you graduated just because you went to high school with them.

This makes it very easy to keep in touch. Think about it, you don’t even need to talk to a friend if they are active on Facebook. Your news feed tells you what is going on in their life. So maybe, thanks to Facebook, we can keep friends long past high school and college.

2. Knowing Latest Trends

My favorite tool on Twitter is seeing the list of trending topics or names. It is a snap shot of what is important for the world to be talking about at that very moment. So when I say social media helps us know the latest trends, I really mean it shows us what is trending throughout our communities, our country, and the entire globe at any given moment. And it’s fun to join those conversations.

3. Understanding Entertainment

It feels odd to say, but YouTube is technically a social media platform. It doesn’t feel that way though, right? It is a very powerful search engine, but users still create communities within the platform. That’s why I consider it social media. And it has radically changed the way we think of television and entertainment. If I watch a great show on TV, I can’t share it on social platforms. But if I watch a great video on YouTube, I can share it. With the rise of YouTube channels, the millennial generation in particular has grown accustomed to spending more time there than on traditional TV. Because of this, where we get our entertainment is changing.

4. Condensed Content

Why does condensed content make us younger? Because it takes less time to read, watch, and absorb it. Storytelling is becoming shorter and shorter every year. Why? Very simply, that is what people want. And platforms like Vine and Pinterest give us what we want. We can consume a piece of content that has been shared and within minutes we are moving on to something else.

5. Constant Change

As we said before, the only constant is change, especially in social media. New platforms like Snapchat and Jelly will continue to come from what seems like nowhere and take social media marketing by storm. That’s what excites Nicholas and I: the next big thing. Constant change requires continuing education, and that too keeps us young.

So there you have it. Social media keeps us young. It probably, okay definitely, will not take years off your appearance; that’s what the doctors here in Boca Raton are for. But what it can do is keep you current. That’s important.

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